Stay Close

As we grow older, sometimes our circle gets smaller. Sometimes it’s really not personal, life just happens and we have other priorities. We get to an age in which we begin to realize who we want to keep in our close circle. Therefore, we work to maintain and grow those friendships. Below I wrote some tips on what type of people we should keep close.

Stay close to:

  • People who inspire you to be a better version of yourself
  • People who make you feel safe and comfortable
  • People who understand you and or are willing to try to understand you
  • People who encourage you to try new things
  • People who have healthy boundaries
  • People who challenge you

Keep in mind that healthy relationships can change your life.

If you or anyone you know may be in need of someone to talk to and live in the Chicagoland area, feel free to call Olive Branch Counseling Associates at (708) 633-8000 and speak to a professional.

Yadira, Graduate Intern


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