Recognizing Your Emotions

Emotions are signals our bodies send us to tell us what is happening in any given situation. Regulating our emotions is so important, especially if we tend to experience them intensely or we act out on them in unhealthy ways. Below are some questions you can cycle through when an overwhelming situation arises to slow... Continue Reading →

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

We all have some sort of relationship with food and eating. Over the COVID-19 pandemic, with the pace of our lives slowing tremendously, many of us became much more aware of what our relationship with food looks like. The cultural values of thinness often lead to fears of gaining weight, shame around eating what we... Continue Reading →

What’s My Type? Part 2

Welcome back to an introduction on the Enneagram, a personality typing system with nine distinct types. In part one, we introduced the nine basic types that each of us fall into. That was just the beginning! The Enneagram is complex with many concepts that organize it. This post will introduce you to the three Centers,... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counseling

Many people seek counseling and therapy when they are walking through a tough situation, suffering a mental illness, or simply feel stuck. However, something doesn’t always have to be wrong in order to get help. Pre-marriage counseling can be so beneficial to help newly engaged couples enter into a whole new season of their lives.... Continue Reading →

Creating a Safety Plan

Painful emotions and challenging situations are something all of us face, sometimes on a daily basis. Most of us have the tools to cope with many of the difficulties life throws at us. However, there may be seasons where you feel overwhelmed, heavy, and maybe even unsafe with what you’re carrying. If you or your... Continue Reading →

A Recipe For Your Mind and Body

Did you know that your mind and body work closely together? Taking care of your digestive health can play a valuable role in the management of anxiety symptoms. One way to take care is by eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show there may be a link between gastrointestinal microbes and gene regulators in the... Continue Reading →

¿Cómo se cuida y se muestra amor?

¿Qué hace para cuidarse? A veces, cuidar de nosotros mismos es más fácil de decir que de hacer. ¿Por qué es tan difícil, si es tan importante, asegurarnos de cuidar bien de nuestro cuerpo, mente y alma? Si aprendemos a comer alimentos saludables, aprendemos a reducir el estrés y al ejercicio, todo puede contribuir a... Continue Reading →

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