Spring Activities

With spring approaching, as parents you can start to think about different activities that you can do with your child to boost their mental health. When children are cooped up all winter long they can become anxious to want to play outside. As this anxiousness grows, it can start to affect other areas in their... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Month: Book Review

March is Women's History Month, an annual celebration in the United States that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of women throughout the nation's history. This month on the Counseling Matters blog, we are examining different ways to celebrate this month and the strong women whose voices changed the world we live in. Cassandra Speaks, When Women are... Continue Reading →

Why Should I Volunteer?

“Studies have indicated that volunteering is great for your mental health. It has been shown to decrease stress levels, depression, anxiety, and boost your overall health and satisfaction with life” -Susan Albers, psychologist for Cleveland Clinic Individuals can use volunteering as a way to decrease their stress levels and to combat their feelings of depression... Continue Reading →

Relationship Rehab

We moved into our brand new house in 2005. It was such an incredible experience to move into a clean, freshly painted, and newly landscaped space. At that time, every wall was free of blemishes, every door closed quickly, and there wasn't one stain on the carpet. However, as I look around today, I can't... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Fill A Child’s Love Tank

Every parent wants their children to feel loved and appreciated. One of the best ways to do this is to fill up their love tank. Filling up your children's love tank means showing them that you care about them and value them as individuals. This can be done in a variety of ways, from spending... Continue Reading →

Link Between Mental Health and Sleep

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? We all know what that saying indicates someone is being cranky or unreasonable. Why? Because the quality of our sleep affects our mental health. Research continues to look at the connections between mental health and sleep. Currently, we know that mental health disorders make... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? Just look outside at 5:30pm and you’ll see that the sun is still on the horizon and it is still light outside. Turning the corner on having more daylight is such a welcome change each winter. More daylight brings the hope of spring and warmer weather. However,... Continue Reading →

Work Burnout

In the world that we live in today, there are many areas where we can start to feel burnt out. We begin to feel that we are just exhausted and we do not want to do anything. For job burnout specifically, it is a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that involves a sense of... Continue Reading →

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