Treatment of Trauma

Trauma and the suffering it can cause does not have to last forever. As if going through the traumatic event(s) was not enough already, some individuals experience residual effects that maintain the pain and suffering of what was already experienced. Just as trauma is not a one-size-fits-all concept, neither is the treatment of it. There... Continue Reading →

June is PTSD Awareness Month!

Welcome back to those of you who have followed our blogs before and welcome to those of you reading for the first time! June is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, so I wanted to direct the attention of our blogs towards exactly that. PTSD is one major aspect of the broad category of trauma... Continue Reading →

May is Mental Health Month!

What is mental health month about? Hello everyone! Welcome to May, the month that celebrates Mental Health Awareness! Recognized in 1949 as the first official Mental Health Awareness Month, organizations such as Mental Health America have strived to provide bountiful resources and information to the community. This month is about bringing to light the information... Continue Reading →

A Review of The Power of Two

A Review of The Power of Two Welcome back to my review of The Power of Two by Susan Heitler. In our last post we covered the second basic of cooperative dialogue, verbalize feelings. We continued our conversation about ‘I statements’ and discussed the importance of knowing and communicating our emotions in an appropriate way.... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Jane…A Story of DID

Recently I have watched a docuseries on Hulu called “Many Sides of Jane” about a woman who has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID). I was drawn to this docuseries initially because psychology and mental health are very intriguing to me and I’m always wanting to learn more. Learning about a certain disorder from... Continue Reading →

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