3 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is something that most college students deal with on a day to day basis. Whether we have it because we are scared of failing or we have it because we want to meet people’s expectations. I deal with test anxiety whenever it comes to a standardized test or a regular exam in my... Continue Reading →

Anxiety: When to Seek Help

Let’s face it, life can be stressful. Bills pile up, families fight, pipes burst, back pain happens, family members get sick. There are seasons of life that can put us flat on our backs with no warning and leave us to throw our hands up and wonder, “How am I supposed to handle this?” Signs... Continue Reading →

Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack?

It is a beautiful day, and you are sitting outside with your family enjoying their company, when suddenly you start to feel your heartbeat racing. Your mind starts to race, and you feel a sense of impending doom begin to surround you. What is going on? Am I ok? You start to look around to... Continue Reading →

4 Strategies for Self-Advocacy

I have an 18-year-old son who is a senior in high school. We spend a lot of time talking about the future. Each day he gets further into his senior year, he gets more excited about the possibility of moving out of mom and dad’s house and into the world of independence. He can hardly... Continue Reading →

Journaling for Beginners

Journaling can be a great habit to help you learn more about yourself, discover what you are grateful for, and achieve personal, professional, and relationship goals. It is easy, doesn’t take a lot of time, and can be built into your routine without much pain. The first step is to find a journal you like.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask me How I Feel

Being vulnerable is really hard. To be vulnerable means to be able to identify, name, and experience our feelings. Nothing about this process is simple, which is why I do not ask every client, “How do you feel today?” I am careful when and how I pose this question to my clients. Of course, the... Continue Reading →

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