What’s My Type? Part 3

Welcome to the third blog post introducing the Enneagram, a personality typing system with nine distinct types. In parts one and two, we outlined the nine basic types and the three Centers where each type lies. In part 3, we will introduce the Wings. No one simply reflects only the dominant number they identify as. Most have traits of their wing number, or the number adjacent to their dominant number on the circumference on the Enneagram. For example, someone dominant in Type 4 can have a wing of 3 or 5. Similarly, someone with Type 9 can have an 8 or 1 wing.

While your dominant type captures most of your personality, wings add nuance, flare, and even contradictory elements to your total personality. You want to consider how the traits of your dominant type blend with the traits of your wing. Some Enneagram teachers believe you only have one major wing for your whole life, and some believe you can rely on both. Others even think you begin the first half of your life with one dominant wing and bring in the other as you get older.

Below are all the names of the types with their respective wings. As with any type of psychological and spiritual work, this is just a starting point to understanding yourself and others better so you may more intentionally and wholly show up in the world. A deeper dive into all aspects of the Enneagram is encouraged.

Type 1, Wing 9: The Idealist

Type 1, Wing 2: The Advocate

Type 2, Wing 1: The Servant

Type 2, Wing 3: The Host/Hostess

Type 3, Wing 2: The Charmer

Type 3, Wing 4: The Professional

Type 4, Wing 3: The Aristocrat

Type 4, Wing 5: The Bohemian

Type 5, Wing 4: The Iconoclast

Type 5, Wing 6: The Problem Solver

Type 6, Wing 5: The Defender

Type 6, Wing 7: The Buddy

Type 7, Wing 6: The Entertainer

Type 7, Wing 8: The Realist

Type 8, Wing 7: The Maverick

Type 8, Wing 9: The Bear

Type 9, Wing 8: The Referee

Type 9, Wing 1: The Dreamer

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram, check out the following resources:

Enneagram Institute’s website at https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

That Sounds Fun Podcast Series EnneaSummer 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Annie F. Downs

If you have been struggling and you are in the Chicagoland area, please feel free to contact Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc. at 708-633-8000.

Written by Kathryn

2021 Graduate Intern

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