Wearing My Wellness Shades

When I was 9 years old, in the late 90’s, I was obsessed with The Beatles. I listened to their albums every night on my CD player as I fell asleep. Yes, my CD player. While at a flee market with my family, I found the most incredible pair of rose-colored Windsor glasses. These are... Continue Reading →

Why We Shouldn’t Diagnose Ourselves

Quite a few years ago, in late June, I noticed something different about the knuckles on my big toes. They were darker and somewhat callous. How strange. I assumed that perhaps the change was due to the type of sandal that I had worn throughout the greater part of the summer. I shrugged it off... Continue Reading →

Want To Be A Better Parent?

From a young age, I had always thought about being a parent. It is a period in my life I was and continue looking forward to and maybe you can relate. Perhaps you grew up in a loving family in which you felt included and supported or maybe, it was the opposite. In either case,... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and Nature

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”- Mary Davis, social activist With Earth Day being April 22nd, we can think about how nature corresponds to mental health. In our everyday lives, we constantly hear that being outside in nature will benefit our mental health because we are not cooped up inside and we... Continue Reading →

How to help a friend get counseling

It can be challenging to encourage a friend to seek counseling, especially if they are resistant to the idea. However, as a friend, it is essential to support them and encourage them to get the help they need. Here are some tips on how to encourage a friend to seek counseling: Express your concerns: Start... Continue Reading →

Spring Activities

With spring approaching, as parents you can start to think about different activities that you can do with your child to boost their mental health. When children are cooped up all winter long they can become anxious to want to play outside. As this anxiousness grows, it can start to affect other areas in their... Continue Reading →

Why Should I Volunteer?

“Studies have indicated that volunteering is great for your mental health. It has been shown to decrease stress levels, depression, anxiety, and boost your overall health and satisfaction with life” -Susan Albers, psychologist for Cleveland Clinic Individuals can use volunteering as a way to decrease their stress levels and to combat their feelings of depression... Continue Reading →

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