Brain Injury Awareness Month

National Brain Injury Awareness Month has been nationally observed and recognized since 1993. The month of March honors Brain Injury Awareness Month by raising funds for services, supports, and research. While also emphasizing the important opportunity to bring attention to the prevention of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and all brain injuries alike. The Brain Injury... Continue Reading →

Girl Power & Sports

Every year, the first week of February is dedicated towards the history of women and girls in professional sports, and sports in general-- National Girls and Women in Sports Day. This dedication acknowledges the accomplishments of female athletes, the influence of sports participation in girls and women, while honoring the progress, dedication, and struggle for... Continue Reading →


Everyone deserves to be a lot nicer to themselves compared to the way they already are. We are our own worst critics. Especially now during these tough times, it should come as a guarantee to give ourselves some self-compassion, but this may be easier said than done for many. Did you know that human beings... Continue Reading →


This past year has been extremely difficult for everyone in the world. Feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and fear of many things. For the African American community, these feelings were added and experienced harder than ever. Repeated acts of police brutality and violence against Black people have ignited mass demonstrations across the country along with raising... Continue Reading →

Brains & Puzzles

You may wonder, what are some ways that you can challenge and one of the most important muscles in your body? Not your arms or your legs… I’m talking about your brain! Your brain and your brain’s health are important to take care of because of things like memory, retention, and problem-solving skills! Some argue... Continue Reading →

Love Pizza? Who Doesn’t!

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing can make your day better except an insanely good slice of pizza? Those tend to be how most of my days go! J All jokes aside, pizza is good for certain psychological and emotional health. I know you’re probably thinking to yourself what your emotions... Continue Reading →

Wellbeing, Mood, & Sweet Potatoes!

No worries, you read the title correctly. Ever wondered if sweet potatoes should have a month? Well, if that thought ever crossed your mind, you’re in luck—February is national sweet potato month! With this post, I’m looking forward to telling you how to celebrate J. I’m sure we have all heard of the term superfood... Continue Reading →

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