Do you know yourself?

I’ll admit I am a daily user of Facebook and Instagram. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. For years it has been the source of my income, and social media has helped me connect with interesting people from my past and people I’ve never met from all over the world. I’ve learned much... Continue Reading →

What’s My Type? Part 3

Welcome to the third blog post introducing the Enneagram, a personality typing system with nine distinct types. In parts one and two, we outlined the nine basic types and the three Centers where each type lies. In part 3, we will introduce the Wings. No one simply reflects only the dominant number they identify as.... Continue Reading →

What’s My Type? Part 2

Welcome back to an introduction on the Enneagram, a personality typing system with nine distinct types. In part one, we introduced the nine basic types that each of us fall into. That was just the beginning! The Enneagram is complex with many concepts that organize it. This post will introduce you to the three Centers,... Continue Reading →

What’s My Type?

The Enneagram is a complex, nuanced personality system containing nine distinct personality types. We all have one basic personality type, even though we may see ourselves in all nine numbers. Researchers and Enneagram authors believe our temperament, prenatal factors, and early childhood environment all play a role in determining our type. No type is inherently... Continue Reading →

Personality Tests

Personality refers to a person's distinctive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving; traits are the building blocks of personality. The human personality is complex, intricate, and bold. We all have heard of personality tests and how the psychology behind it helps people better understand themselves and their relationship with others. Personality tests, similar to questionnaires,... Continue Reading →

Three Identical Strangers

Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are? Is it all because of the way your parents raised you or the decisions you made? Is it destiny? Where does your personality come from? The great debate of nature vs. nurture has been going on for many years. Unfortunately from 1960-1980, there was... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of an Olive Branch Intern

A counselor’s job isn’t always easy. This week, I had the opportunity to really think about my own self care while working with my clients. Counselors experience hearing painful as well as exciting events that transpired throughout someone’s life journey. “The counselor” is an important tool in the therapeutic progress and if a counselor isn’t... Continue Reading →

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