A Day in the Life of an Olive Branch Intern

A counselor’s job isn’t always easy. This week, I had the opportunity to really think about my own self care while working with my clients. Counselors experience hearing painful as well as exciting events that transpired throughout someone’s life journey. “The counselor” is an important tool in the therapeutic progress and if a counselor isn’t managing their own wellness, this can impact their effectiveness in session and progress with a client. Individuals who have not engaged in counseling before may have an idea of what a counselor looks like or the common personalities of counselors based on how counselors are portrayed in movies and television. On television, I usually see counselors sitting in a chair with a pad and pen, wearing glasses, and with a very dry and boring demeanor. However, I am here to tell you this is not the case! The counselors that I work with are very lively, funny and have a social life outside of their profession. Some of my joys include: expressive dancing, working out, bowling, eating, and laughing with my friends. It is easy to forget about your own needs when your career is centered on helping others; however, sometimes we have to remind ourselves take care of us.

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