It’s Time To Grow!

Gardening is not my strong point, but I do love to buy and smell flowers. Flowers come in many shapes, colors, and forms which also includes having many uses. For example, a flower bouquet can add style and color to your empty living room table while also serving as a thoughtful gift for someone. However,... Continue Reading →


I recently wrote a blog about growing up and how our circle of friends tends to get smaller as the years pass. It's just part of our nature, we outgrow things our entire life. We change, we will not always be the same person. It's normal to change and to be a different version of... Continue Reading →

Stop and Grow

As we grow older, we want to better ourselves, we want to do what is best for us and not for others. We have to understand that we can’t please everyone and take care of ourselves. If we really want to grow then we need to pause and reflect on life and how we are... Continue Reading →

Stay Close

As we grow older, sometimes our circle gets smaller. Sometimes it's really not personal, life just happens and we have other priorities. We get to an age in which we begin to realize who we want to keep in our close circle. Therefore, we work to maintain and grow those friendships. Below I wrote some... Continue Reading →

Stage of Life Transitions

          People are always in motion. Whether it is aging, changing jobs, starting or ending relationships, or relocating, life is in a constant state of evolving. This is very evident at milestones across the life span. Beginning at birth, a newborn rapidly develops into a toddler, and a toddler quickly grows into a child. I... Continue Reading →

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