I recently wrote a blog about growing up and how our circle of friends tends to get smaller as the years pass. It’s just part of our nature, we outgrow things our entire life. We change, we will not always be the same person. It’s normal to change and to be a different version of ourselves and hopefully a better version. Some other things we outgrow are relationships, shoes, clothes, hair styles, and anything that no longer fits who we are.

Sometimes outgrowing different things can make us feel bad because we are leaving things behind that were once treasured by us. However, it is OK to outgrow the life we thought we wanted. Sometimes, learning what we don’t want might be as important as discovering what we do. It’s called growing!

If you or anyone you know may be in need of someone to talk to and live in the Chicagoland area, feel free to call Olive Branch Counseling Associates at (708) 633-8000 and speak to a professional.

Yadira, Graduate Intern

Image: https://www.facebook.com/elephantspiritual/posts/whose-feeling-like-theyre-outgrowing-things-at-a-faster-pace-than-usual-get-the-/3155573257819646/

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