Stage of Life Transitions

          People are always in motion. Whether it is aging, changing jobs, starting or ending relationships, or relocating, life is in a constant state of evolving. This is very evident at milestones across the life span. Beginning at birth, a newborn rapidly develops into a toddler, and a toddler quickly grows into a child. I often hear mothers exclaim, “My baby is growing so fast right before my own eyes!”. The first day of school arrives, and one’s autonomy is encouraged by learning, peer relationships, and educational experiences. From this point on, life is a continuous journey through grade school, high school, possibly college or a first job, adulthood, retirement, then death. Living as a human involves the constant need to adapt to stage of life transitions.

           Unrealistic expectations tend to accompany such major milestones and as a result, unexpected emotional discomfort arise. While some changes can be very exciting, there is often a level of anxiety as well. The anxiety may not be directly related to the actual situation but can be linked to the idea of change. Change can be scary! Venturing into the unknowns of college, a new job, retirement, or a newly diagnosed illness are examples of change that stir up emotional reactions.

         Stage of life transitions are opportunities to receive extra support. If you or a loved one are enduring anxiety related to a major change occurring in life, the help of a counselor can provide extra support. Life changes can be very challenging. Make yourself more comfortable by talking it out with a therapist. This resource can enhance your experience of enduring whatever life is throwing at you.

Written By: Ashley Fazekas

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