What Is Trauma?

Welcome to another blog, in this blog we will talk about trauma and traumatic event as well as some coping techniques. Trauma ties into this month’s prevention month being that it is suicide prevention month. There are people that are so alone after a traumatic event they do not have the support system they need to help.

Trauma is an emotional response a person has after going through a horrific event. There are many types of traumas that a person can face or go through. Some of those traumas are a physical or life threatening event, sexual abuse or assault, a medical trauma, military trauma, and a natural disaster. These can be life threatening events that cause an emotional toll that can lead to extreme anxiety, sadness, survivor’s guilt and even PTSD. Such events can cause a person to have trouble with the physical pain of the event, sleep problems and stress. There are times when denial is a response to the traumatic event, acting like nothing happened at all. Then there is the other side such as people having flashbacks and an emotional breakdown. These are just a few scenarios a person could go through after going through a traumatic event.

Talking about trauma ties into a lot of what we have been talking about previously. There are people who go through such a horrific event that they do not know how to cope. Acknowledging that you have gone through an event is a good step forward. One exercise to do when coping with trauma is writing about it. Writing about the event can help ease the anxiety and stress one feels after going through an event. This coping technique is an easy and in-depth activity that anyone can do. When writing about the event you are acknowledging that the event happened and are seeing that what has happened is over and you have made it through the toughest part of the trauma.

If you know someone that has gone through a traumatic event or you yourself have gone through a traumatic event, talk about it, no matter how hard it is. This is one step to take in acknowledging that the event has happened. Be the person that listens to someone that has gone through a traumatic event and let them talk about it no matter how hard it is to hear it, if someone tells you what they have gone through you are someone that they trust with everything.

Richard, Graduate Intern

If you or someone that you love has gone through a traumatic event and are seeking help in the Chicagoland area contact Olive Branch Counseling Associates at 708-633-8000 or at www.olivebranchcounselingassociates.com.

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