Children’s Novel Series: Masked Ninja

Welcome back to the children’s novel series! In a previous post we discussed The Jelly Donut Difference, a book that brings to light different social issues, values, virtues, and the idea of spreading kindness. In this section of this series we will dive into Masked Ninja, part of the Ninja Series by Mary Nhin.

About the Author

Mary Nhin approaches a multitude of important social and personal issues through the stories of different ninjas such as Patient Ninja, Focused Ninja, Diversity Ninja, and Funny Ninja, to name a few. She dedicated this book the Masked Ninja to her children Mikey, Kobe, and Jojo. Her books look at issues that we face today as well as everyday situations that people experience.

About the Book

This book talks about the importance of wearing a mask. Masks are worn by doctors which help by creating protection from viruses and bacteria. Everyone is wearing a mask because of the virus going around. There are many viruses and they can make you feel unwell. Viruses can be spread when someone sneezes, coughs, or even comes into close contact with someone that is infected with the virus. This book talks about the new virus COVID and how it has been spreading quickly and how it has been hard to control and prevent. Other than wearing a mask washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds helps as well as keeping a safe distance from others. Another prevention tip is keeping our hands away from our own faces. Covering up your coughs and sneezes with your elbow will also help with not spreading the virus. Being respectful to others when it comes to the virus is kind, since no one knows how people are taking it as well as if someone is at a higher risk due to other health concerns. Masked Ninja encourages us to always be respectful to others and if we are experiencing any type of bullying make sure to report it to an adult. The Masked Ninja has great tips for helping prevent the spread of a virus as well as being kind to others and what to do if someone is bullying you.

Relation to Today’s World

We are facing this virus still today and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We all can help everyday by being respectful to others by wearing a mask, keeping our distance from others, and washing our hands. You see it all over, people complaining about wearing a mask and not respecting others. Yes, wearing a mask is not fun, but if it helps prevent or slow down the spread, when I am in public I will wear it. Always be respectful to others around you because you do not know if they are at a higher risk when it comes to this disease. I have a friend that is at a higher risk of contracting the disease. Every time I go over to their house I keep my distance and wear a mask because it is a respectful and thoughtful thing to do during times like this. This book is very good for kids as they start to return back to school. They will be required to wear masks while they are there and I believe this book will help teach them the importance of doing so.

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Graduate Intern

Nhin, M., & Stupar, J. (2020). Masked ninja. Place of publication not identified: Grow Grit Press.

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