Motivation: More Than A Notion

            There are many times when one feels unmotivated to do most things throughout the day, but with a quick rest or a good pep talk, most people can find the inspiration or willpower to get what they need to be done. However, there are many that are suffering from depression or depression-like symptoms and it is not so simple for them to find the motivation they need to do the simplest of tasks such as getting out of bed and taking a shower or even making themselves something to eat. If this is the case then you or someone you know that is displaying behavior like this should talk with a therapist and doctor as soon as possible to get help. If you are already getting help and still having trouble getting motivated, talk with your therapist about trying these tips out to help get you started on a path to motivation.

                1. Start Small – Think of the smallest goal in mind that you can achieve so that you can have a successful experience and then build on that success.

                2. Get Moving – Exercising is good for you all the way around. It releases endorphins which is the “feel-good” hormone and is good for your health. Talk with your doctor about what is a good exercise routine for you to start with.

                3. Stick to A Routine – Having a routine will help you stay focused and give you something to look forward to. It will also help keep you accountable.

                4. Create A Support Network – Surround yourself with people that you can depend on and trust that will help you stay motivated. These people should be a positive influence on you and make you feel good about yourself. They should also be dependable and consistent.

                5. Get Enough Sleep – This sounds simple enough, but this is harder to achieve than we think. Not only should we be getting at least eight hours of sleep a day, but it should also be quality sleep. As well as too much sleep can be just as draining as too little sleep.

                Hopefully, these tips serve as a springboard to get you started on your journey to productivity. It is very hard to stay motivated when you are not suffering from a mental illness, but when you are the burden is that much more intense. Therefore, one must find more ways to take care of themselves. Always keep in mind that whatever way you chose to help yourself or others, be kind, gentle and patient.

By, Garcsa Brooks

Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc.

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