Counseling Awareness Month

April is Counseling Awareness Month and we are raising awareness about the important role behavioral health services play in improving your mental health and wellness. This year’s theme is “Train Your Brain with Counseling.”

Many of us are familiar with the idea of training our physical body through diet and exercise. We use physical training to make our bodies stronger and healthier. With the help of counseling, you can learn to reduce unhealthy thoughts, patterns, emotions and  behaviors that may challenge your personal growth. Counseling creates a valuable relationship that is essential to helping you maintain or improve your health and wellbeing and is just as important. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Every day we face unexpected challenges and obstacles. How we interpret and handle these difficult experiences can be the difference between misery and contentedness. Working with a counselor can allow you to recognize thinking and behavior patterns that don’t serve your wellbeing and may be keeping you from growing. You can learn to recognize unhelpful behavior patterns and learn new skills that will help you navigate your way through difficult and painful experiences. Depression, anxiety and stress are often caused by trying to avoid painful emotions when in reality learning to acknowledge and live with difficult emotions may ultimately be less stressful.

You don’t have to be experiencing a major mental health crisis to see a counselor. The majority of those who attend counseling just need a bit of help to lessen the load of everyday life. Counseling can be a tool to find new ways to meet the challenges that pop up on a regular basis with relationships, at work or while parenting.

If you need support and would like to speak to a professional counselor about topics such as the one featured in this blog and are in the Chicago area, please contact Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc. at 708-633-8000. We are at 6819 West 167th Street in Tinley Park, Illinois 60477.


Written By: Christine B., Masters Level Intern 2023

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