Setting Summer Goals

Warmer weather, longer days, expectations of spending time outside with friends and family, summer looks like it is finally here to stay. Here are 3 ways to ensure this summer doesn’t slip by and leave you wishing you had done more.

  1. Summer bucket list: What’s on your summer bucket list? Is it going to the beach? Having family over for a bar-b-que? Or maybe you want to enter your first 5k? One great way to be sure you accomplish the things you want to do is to write them down, put that list somewhere you can see it, and check things off as you experience them. There are many great opportunities for fun in the summer. What does your community offer that you could participate in? Go to a concert, attend a Farmer’s market, or see an outdoor movie. Challenge yourself to do some new fun things this season.
  2. Set a Summer Health Goal: So often, one of the first things we neglect when life gets busy is ourselves and particularly our physical health. What is one thing you could do to act healthier this summer? For me, it’s drinking more water. I bought myself a cute colorful plastic cup with a straw, and I’m going to try to refill this cup 3 times each day. Studies show that it will help me stay hydrated even during the hottest months of the summer, and it will also help improve your energy levels and brain function. You could choose to move your body more often by going for a walk or bike ride a couple times a week. You could decide that you will attempt to eat more fruits and vegetables. Whatever you decide, setting a physical health goal for the summer is a great way to treat your body with kindness.
  3. Set a Summer Mental Health Goal How does one set a mental health goal? Well, there are many ways to work on your mental health. Try practicing regular relaxation breathing is one way. Choose three times each day to pause and take a deep breath, look around you, and say something you are grateful for. Or, you could decide that you’d like to journal. Find a notebook and a favorite pen to use. Try to journal at the same time every day to help you work on making this a habit. Don’t forget to look back once in a while to see how your life has changed.

Written By: Christine, Masters Level Intern

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