Couples Communication During the Holiday Season

For couples, the holiday season can be stressful, to say the least. There can be arguments about money, whose parents’ house we are going to first, where we will be spending the most time, what to bring, what gifts to get, etc.  This year with COVID, all of these factors can be even more challenging. One thing couples will benefit from is scheduling a time to sit down and talk through holiday plans.  Be sure to keep each other in the loop when changes in plans are necessary. 

When it comes to talking about where to spend the holidays, be sure to prioritize when and how you spend time with the people who are most important to you. This year, those visits may be through Zoom or FaceTime. Come up with a plan that meets your needs best. Be sure you both agree the plan works for you both. 

When a couple is not on the same page on when to leave or how long to stay at a place, it can cause an argument that could have been avoided had it been talked about beforehand. Building and maintaining a strong and happy relationship starts with talking to each other openly about things that are important to each of you. 

      Communication is key to a healthy and loving relationship. Another aspect of the holidays is dealing with each other’s families.  Sometimes it is hard to make each family happy no matter what you do. You may get questions such as, “Can’t you stay a little longer?” “How come you had to split time with us and them?” “Why are you leaving in such a rush?” and many more. Communicating with the in-laws beforehand can also help avoid the 20-question game and an argument later down the road. Let them know what your plans are. If it seems wise, let them know how you prioritized your schedule. When it comes to the holiday season it can be hard to make everyone happy but being able to communicate with your partner as well as your in-laws beforehand can help stop some problems before they happen. 

     Please enjoy your holiday season!  Do so safely.  If you will spend time indoors with those not part of your household, wear a mask, make the visit brief. You want to be sure you can all visit again for Christmas, 2021. 

If you are seeking couples counseling or looking to improve the overall communication skills within your relationship, we encourage you to contact Olive Branch Counseling Associates today to set up an appointment to speak with a professional counselor. Most insurance is accepted and we have a sliding fee scale for the uninsured. Contact us at 708-633-8000 or online at  


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