Simple Connection

I heard Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman interviewed on the Unlocking Us podcast the other day. They talked about their new book, "The Love Prescription: 7 days to more intimacy, connection, and joy." It was a fascinating conversation about the small steps we can take in our relationships to make marked differences.... Continue Reading →

React or Respond?

When events happen in your life, are you reacting or are you responding? What is the difference? Reaction is based on our subconscious patterns and beliefs. Think of it as a "knee-jerk" reaction, one that happens instantly and does not require time to process or evaluate. A reaction is often a habit, and it is... Continue Reading →

Using Our Words

Communication can be difficult at times, especially when we are upset about something. Using  “I” statements may allow us to work through disagreements in a way that allows everyone to express their own opinion and feelings. The “I” statement forces us to take responsibility for what we are thinking and feeling and stops us from... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counseling

Many people seek counseling and therapy when they are walking through a tough situation, suffering a mental illness, or simply feel stuck. However, something doesn’t always have to be wrong in order to get help. Pre-marriage counseling can be so beneficial to help newly engaged couples enter into a whole new season of their lives.... Continue Reading →

Safer Internet Day

Why is Safer Internet Day Celebrated? Safer Internet Day is celebrated in February each year to bring awareness to the importance of a safe and positive digital world. Now, more than ever everyone is browsing through the media because of everything being done virtually, which means we must be more responsible and careful. The internet... Continue Reading →

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