Children’s Book Series: I Have Two Homes

Authors Of I Have Two Homes/ Vivo en dos casas

Nynke Talsma, the illustrator of the book I Have Two Homes studied at the Art Academy in Kampen with a concentration in childrens’ book illustration. Since 1999 Nynke Talsma has worked as an illustrator of childrens’ books and educational books. The author Marian De Smet is a nursery school teacher who enjoys writing. The children from her career inspired her to create different picture books; however, she has also written longer series of books.

About the Book

Divorce happens in a lot of families. The book I Have Two Homes/ Vivo en dos casas tells the story of a little girl named Nina, whose parents are separating. Nina describes what it is like to live in two different homes and how nothing is the same as before. In addition, Nina talks about how upsetting it can be because when she is with mom at home, she is missing her father, her hamster, her cat, and everything at her dad’s home. However, Nina also mentions happy moments, such as celebrating her birthday twice and having both parents supporting her as she jumps into the pool for the first time. The honesty of the book can help the adult to have a better understanding of what is going on in the child’s mind, and can also comfort the children who are experiencing similar changes by reassuring them that everything will be OK.

Relations to Today’s World

Experiencing a divorce can be hard for the parents as well as for the children. As I mentioned on my previous blog about the book Dinosaurs Divorce, many studies have shown that there are short and long term negative effects of parental marital conflict and divorce for the child. Some of the problems that can be seen include poor academic performance, loss of interest in social activities, anger, feelings of guilt, difficulty adapting to change, and destructive behavior (Riggio, 2004).

Signs of needing help

  • Signs of sadness, anger or other negative emotions
  • Difficulty with separation from their mother
  • Not focusing
  • Lashing out

Tips to Reduce the Toll of Divorce on Children

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with the child or children
  • Don’t put the child or children in the middle
  • Co-parent
  • Monitor adolescence closely

If you or anyone you know may be struggling with helping a child understand a divorce and live in the Chicagoland area, feel free to call Olive Branch Counseling Associates at (708) 633-8000 and talk to a professional.


Graduate Intern


Riggio, H. R. (2004). Parental marital conflict and divorce, parent-child relationships, social

            support, and relationship anxiety in young adulthood. Personal Relationships, 11(1),


Smet, M. D., & Talsma, N. (2017). I have two homes. New York: Clavis.


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