Children’s Novel Series (We’re Different We’re The Same)

In the second part of our children’s novel series we take a look at a Sesame Street book written by Bobby Kates. In our last blog we talked about Jenny Is Scared! We looked at ways to help children not feel scared as well as anxiety in children. In this book we are taking a look at how people are different and similar and how what really matters is what is on the inside.

About the Book

Everyone knows about Sesame Street and all that they have taught us and all that they will teach us. But with this book it teaches us that we are all very much similar. Even though we are different in some ways like in the book they say hair, eyes, body, nose and even our teeth! It is what is deep down that we are all similar, our feelings and desires. Everyone goes through pain in their lives such as a death in the family and people go through some of the best times and happy times in spending time with the people that are close to them. This book teaches us that everyone is the same inside and our differences is what makes the world fun. Like the book states at the end “Many kinds of people not just one! A rainbow would be boring if it were only green and blue.” This book shows us that everyone is the same on the inside and it is what is on the inside that matters.

Relation to Today’s World

Today we are seeing more racial injustice. We are too busy looking at what is on the outside then what really matters and that is what is on the inside. People are hurt today because of that and we need to come together to show everyone just how similar we are. Go out and thank your local heros for what they do everyday to protect us, thank your baggers at the grocery store, hold the door for the person walking behind you, donate your time to help people in need. All of these actions can make someones day, just the simplest hello or thank you can go along way to show someone that they are appreciated. This is the thing we need to be teaching our kids, the change in this world, that we are not different, we are all human and we all deserve to be treated with respect no matter who you are.

This book teaches children at a young age that how we look on the outside is not what makes up that person, it is what is on the inside. Peoples feelings matter, what they think matters, and how they are treated matters. When you treat someone disrespectfully or in a bad way you are hurting them in ways that can you can not even imagine. You have to always think if they said this to me or hurt me how would it make me feel. The way people act when they get older is all about how they were taught as a child not just from their parents, but from their family, their teachers, and their surroundings.

If you are in the Chicagoland area and need someone to talk to Olive Branch Counseling Associates is here to help. You can get in touch by calling at (708)-633-8000.

Graduate Intern


Kates, B. J., & Mathieu, J. (2017). We’re different, we’re the same. New York: Random House.





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