Earth Day

The month of April is upon us which means that Earth Day is right around the corner… April 22nd. When we think about what Earth Day is now, we think about picking up trash that was left on the side of the road or on the beaches but we do not think about the history behind how Earth Day came about. Earth Day has played a significant role in the world because the laws that we have in place like the Endangered Species Act or the Clean Air Act would not be around due to the efforts to clean the Earth.

In 1970, there was a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Senator Gaylord Nelson and many others like Pete McCloskey and Denis Hayes wanted to help public consciousness about air and water pollution. Soon after in 1990, Earth Day went global, 141 countries were lifting world environmental issues onto the stage. In 2010, reestablished Earth Day as a global action to change the environment in the world. Throughout the years of observing Earth Day, it has changed immensely from the first year and is now forever changing each year.

Now in the world today, we celebrate Earth Day and remember that it is a day of action. We observe Earth Day as a way to change our behaviors as humans and create a change with policies and laws around the world. Not only do we do this on Earth Day specifically but we are constantly fighting for a clean environment as climate change is becoming more and more evident everyday.

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Written by: Kara D, Undergraduate Intern 2023


The History of Earth Day

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