The Importance of Life Lessons From A Coach

When you are a coach you are not only there to be a coach but also to be a mentor to today’s youth. As a coach, you are able to teach your athletes the importance of everyday tasks. You are someone these athletes can go to in a time of need, someone they can trust. When I was playing baseball at my high school, my coaches taught me valuable life lessons. The most important lesson that can be taught to athletes is the importance of time. The Green Bay Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi’s famous quote of “if you are five minutes early, you are already ten minutes late”. For me, something my coaches told me was, what is considered on time was actually late. The value of time is something coaches teach. Another lesson that can be taught from coaches is responsibility. Every coach at away games tells their athletes the locker room, dugout, and benches should be cleaner then they are when you got here. Coaches teach athletes to pick up after themselves and to be responsible for their own property. The last great thing coaches can teach their athletes is the value of hard work. Hard work off the field such as in the class room is one of the most important lessons. Athletes feel they are at times being punished with not being able to play when they are doing poorly in the class room. It is actually a teaching moment as well as a life lesson. There are so many life lessons that coaches can teach their athletes, from respect and team work to confidence in themselves.

During my time coaching I knew I had a role in each player’s life. If I taught them one lesson that is not related to baseball, I made an impact in the athlete’s life. I learned from my coaches’ life lessons I wanted to make sure to teach my players as well. Even a year after coaching, the athletes that I coached still reach out to me and ask me for advice. When a player still reaches out to their coaches after they have moved on is a sign of a great coach. Being a coach and teaching the life lessons as well as on the field lessons is something that all successful coaches strive for.

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