Mindful Cleansing

Throughout the year, it can be easy to fall away from one’s spirituality. On the other hand, sometimes people are so busy during the holiday season that it is hard to stay focused on what the holidays are really about. Sure all the parties, family get-togethers, and visits with friends seem to celebrate the season, but have you been mindful about your spirituality? The holidays celebrate it, but it’s good to make sure you practice what you preach.

Spirituality is not bound by religion. Although the holiday season is largely themed around religious celebrations, spirituality is on a whole different plane. There are many ways to practice spirituality, especially at this time when people are all coming together. Spirituality values contribution. Are you being thankful for all that others do for you, or acknowledging the good feeling of doing things for others? Also, when thinking about all the different people you may see during this time, make sure that you encourage inclusion. Sometimes even long-time friends or relationships can go through hard times and drift apart. Think about who you maybe haven’t been including in your life as much as you used to and try to rebuild that relationship, given that it’s a healthy one. You can also use this as an opportunity to really think about the principles you live by. Maybe they’ve changed and you haven’t even noticed yet. As you think about your principles, you may think about something that you wish you would do more often. Perhaps you feel that a vocational skill you don’t use as much as you could would be useful in an animal shelter or soup kitchen. Use this inspiration to get involved in your community and give back. Take this time to really cleanse yourself spiritually, because although any time is the right time to do so, it is especially important now.

Once you’ve taken time to spiritually cleanse yourself, it would be a good idea to cleanse your environment. If you live in a healthy environment, it may be easier to maintain a healthy psyche. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by any of these things and you live in NW Indiana or the Chicago area, come visit us at Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc. We are located at 6819 W. 167th Street in Tinley Park, IL 60477. We can be reached at (708) 633-8000. Below is a list of possible ideas for cleaning your home this holiday season:

  • Clean your microwave.
  • Clean your stovetop. (Wait to clean the inside until after the holidays, as cleaning an oven can take a toll on this appliance.)
  • Clean out your refrigerator. (Clear vents, replace lights, wipe down, replace baking soda.)
  • Go through your food in your refrigerator and get rid of anything old, expired, or damaged.
  • Clean your coffee maker.
  • Clean out, dust, vacuum, and refresh linens in guest rooms.
  • Re-stock toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and toiletries.
  • Clean your windows.
  • Vacuum and clean your carpets.
  • Sweep and mop your floors.
  • Clean out and organize closets.
  • Clean out and organize kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean out and organize bathroom cabinets.
  • Clean your gutters, or have them cleaned out.
  • Make sure the outside of your home is free of wasp nests. (Especially behind shutters.)
  • Clean up any leaves and debris around your yard.
  • Go through your closet. Donate whatever you don’t want.
  • Go through drawers throughout your house and get rid of unnecessary clutter.


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