Just To Say Thank You

      The holiday season is upon us. You can walk in any store and shop for any and every holiday your heart desires all at once! So many of us, especially our little people, have already started thinking about what we want for the gift giving holidays that are approaching what seems to be faster and faster. Due to this push for consumerism and ‘gimmie, gimme, gimmie’ attitude, it can be very easy to forget to be thankful for all that we have and have been given.

    Around this time of year, I like to do my best to find a way to give back and I start by making sure I say thank you. Those two words have a powerful impact. One way I keep track of my thanks is a gratitude journal. I personally like to challenge myself by starting the month with one thing to say thank you for and building with something different each day. By the end of the month, I have so many wondrous things to be grateful for and something to look forward to in the upcoming month. If this is something that interests you, talk with your therapists on finding creative ways you can show your thankfulness this holiday season!

By Garcsa Brooks,

Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc.

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