A Grateful Intern

As a graduate student in a counseling program at Trinity Christian college, the anxiety in the pit of everyone’s stomach is their internship. It is a state requirement that demands a certain amount of hours with clients and other duties of a counselor. It is also a way to gain real world experience, understanding, and insight into what it takes to be an effective counselor. As such, the fear is abundant as one approaches this unknown. Questions swirl around. Where will be a good fit for me? Will I be able to adapt quickly enough? Will the staff be supportive? What will the work environment be like there?

With a huge sigh of relief, I can tell you that I have been blessed with my placement at Olive Branch Counseling and Associates. The environment is very nurturing to both counselors and clients. It is a peaceful and calm place where all can focus on wellness. The supervision for interns is exceptional and the support from the staff is plentiful. I am excited for my future as a counselor because I am certain that in one year’s time, I will walk out of this experience with more confidence and knowledge that I could have hoped for.

By: Kathryn Chambers

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