Children’s Novel Series: Inclusive Ninja

In another children’s novel series, we look at the Inclusive Ninja by Mary Nhin. The last book we talked about was The Masked Ninja, which took a look at wearing masks, washing your hands, and keeping areas clean.

About the Author

Mary Nhin has a whole series all involving a ninja, some of the book titles in her series are the Patient Ninja, Focused Ninja, Diversity Ninja, Funny Ninja, and many more. She dedicated this book and all of her other books to her children Mikey, Kobe, and Jojo. Her books look at issues that we face today as well as everyday situations that people are put in.

About the Book

This book is about the Inclusive Ninja and how he started to include everyone no matter how they look, act, or are. He knows how to be inclusive because he knows how it feels to be left out and bullied. We are first introduced to him when his hearing aid falls out and instead of the other ninjas giving back his hearing aid, they start throwing it around to each other. The Diversity Ninja was the one that helped get the hearing aid back. The two Ninjas became friends and started talking about how to include everyone and why including others no matter what is the right thing to do. It all starts with compassion, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and understanding what they are feeling when being left out. No matter if it is because of their skin color, the language they speak, or the clothes that they wear the Inclusive Ninja always made sure to include everyone. Not every person is the same, and everyone is unique in their own way. This is what makes the world an amazing place. Everyone’s differences make them unique which also makes the world unique. If you do not know the language someone is speaking ask them, if you do not know why someone wears certain types of clothing, ask, and if you are having a party, invite everyone.

Relation to Today’s World

Today’s society is filled with so many different people of different races, ages, ethnicities, disabilities, etc. That does not mean if someone is not the same as you to not talk to them or include them in something. You see it in TV shows and movies bulling and making fun of someone for not being the same as the main characters. You walk into schools and see kids getting bullied for the way they dress and for the language they speak. Kids are taught by their parents and the people around them, when they see their parents act in such a way with their friends that how their kids will act with their friends. Schools have looked a little different lately and society has as well with E-learning and the virus still happening. But schools are getting ready to go back and we could see kids going back to being in person. This is the perfect time to teach kids and others about including everyone. People could be going through tough times and just saying hello or asking them to sit with you at lunch can make the difference in someone’s life. Be inclusive to everyone around you, and help to teach those around you to be inclusive as well.

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Graduate Intern

Nhin, M., & Stupar, J. (2020). Inclusive Ninja. Place of publication not identified: Grow Grit Press.

Image: Inclusive Ninja: An Anti-bullying Children’s Book by Mary Nhin (2020, Paperback) | eBay

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