A Day in the Life of an Olive Branch Intern

One of the great things about interning at OBCA is that I get to understand the in and outs of running a private practice. When I first starting interning at OBCA, I was focused on seeing my clients, learning how to better service my clients and completing my graduate program at my university. Now that my internship experience at OBCA in winding down, I’m thinking about my future in ways that I hadn’t imagined at first such as opening my own private practice one day. From interning at OBCA I see that it is not always easy to run a private practice but it can be done. I believe this is something that I can do many years down the line. This agency is more than just abut seeing clients but it teaches you the business aspect of working in and running a private practice. One of the things I love the most about interning in a private practice is the flexibility that the therapists have to create their own schedule. At this agency you get to learn how to bill insurance companies, handle payments directly, connect with community resources and develop relationships with partners in the community. My social service experience has mainly been in a community agency and there I was informed that being in private practice is very lonely but that is not the case. Even in private practice clinicians are surrounded by other therapists and at OBCA it feels like a team as well.
-Plascilla Foster

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