Successful Relationship Pointers

Summer time often brings people out of their comfort zone to get out, get social and start new relationships. If you are dating or are in a relationship where you really like someone and want to see where things go, remember effective communication with your partner is always something to work on.

Effective communication with your partner achieves two goals. First, it achieves determining if your partner has your best interests in mind along with compatibility. Secondly, effective communication helps you make sure your needs are met in the relationship therefore your partner does not have to guess… Now, with effective communication, you will not be able to resolves all of your problems however, you can judge how important your well being is to your partner by your partner’s response.
1. Does your partner try to get to the bottom of your concerns?
2. Does your partner respond to the issues at hand or avoids you?
3. Does your partner take your concerns seriously?
4. Does your partner try to find ways to make you feel better or do they become                 defensive?
These are important things to keep in mind if you and your partner are serious about making your relationship work.

-Plascilla Foster


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