College Success

School is back in session. First day of college came for thousands of students. Nothing is wanted more than a successful and easy flowing semester, right? But, what exactly can a student do to have school success at the college level? It may be easier than you think.

First and foremost, make sure you attend class. How can you really know what is going on in class if you are not there, right?

Another thing, it is important that you, as the student, are very organized and write down what needs to be done to make sure you do not miss any assignments. This can also include of reading and re-reading the syllabus throughout the semester to make sure you do not miss a major assignment.

College students are not always just students. Some students have a job, or more than one job, while others have a family or both. It can be easy to forget an assignment if you are not on top of things. Do not, I repeat, do not procrastinate when it comes to big assignments. They don’t usually end well when you start at 11pm the night before. TRUST ME.

If you are struggling in class, go and talk to your professor. They are not as scary as they may seem! If the work is still hard to understand, take advantage of the tutoring centers provided by your campus. Having a student-teacher relationship can help out in the future especially when you need letters of recommendation.

Other factors in having a successful school year are to always do your best in your work by showing effort, and to learn from what you are doing and reinforce it.

Improving your writing and speaking skills will take you a long way in communication. Become part of groups and clubs on campus, becoming engaged in activities can also open doors for you in the future.

-Marla Cardenas

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