Demystifying Meditation Part 2

Welcome back to demystifying meditation! This series of blog posts are written to bring accessibility and understanding to a practice that is literally thousands of years old. In the hurry and hustle culture we live in today, finding time to be present and still is becoming increasingly more difficult. The fact that you are working... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Meditation Part 1

Meditation can be an intimidating, confusing, and sometimes frustrating practice that we may think is impossible for us to begin. A lot of us have this grand idea in our minds of what meditation entails—we envision a monk sitting like a pretzel with his eyes closed in silence for hours on end. No wonder we... Continue Reading →

Stress Awareness

What is Stress?  We all experience stress in our lives. Stress is our body's way of protecting itself from harm; however, too much stress can harm our health and the relationships we have with others. It is important to identify the stressors. Once the stressors are identified, we can reduce the stress. What Causes Stress?... Continue Reading →

Estrés y la tensión

¿Qué es el estrés?  Todos experimentamos estrés en nuestras vidas. El estrés es la forma que tiene nuestro cuerpo de protegerse del daño; sin embargo, demasiado estrés puede dañar nuestra salud y las relaciones que tenemos con los demás. Es importante identificar los factores estresantes. Una vez que se identifican los factores estresantes, podemos reducir... Continue Reading →

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