¿Cómo se cuida y se muestra amor?

¿Qué hace para cuidarse? A veces, cuidar de nosotros mismos es más fácil de decir que de hacer. ¿Por qué es tan difícil, si es tan importante, asegurarnos de cuidar bien de nuestro cuerpo, mente y alma? Si aprendemos a comer alimentos saludables, aprendemos a reducir el estrés y al ejercicio, todo puede contribuir a... Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Love

As February is known as the month of love, there is not better chance than to talk about it now! Within psychology, there are many theories and different understandings of how love works within the brain and within one’s behavior. A particularly interesting theory is that of psychologist Robert Sternberg, entitled Triangular Theory of Love:... Continue Reading →

Long Distance Love

At a time when most people are focusing on coming for the holiday season, there are some people who don’t have the luxury of being able to be together now or for most of the year. Long distance relationships can be hard, especially around this time of year, however, there are many benefits that can... Continue Reading →

Increasing Fondness for Your Partner

Relationships often begin with a bang. This bang is known as the “honeymoon stage,” and this is when the fireworks go off. Individuals in this stage report feeling head over heels and even out of their minds in love. These individuals experience an intense desire to be near the object of their affection and deeply... Continue Reading →

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