5 Steps to Navigate Fear

Life is full of first times, and first times are frightening! Can you remember the fear you felt the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? The first time you asked someone out on a date? Or the first time you started a new job? Often when we are faced with doing... Continue Reading →


Life gets busy, we get so caught up, we forget things and we all need reminders at some point. Let this blog be a reminder. Let’s stop what you are doing, what you are thinking, and all the negative talk. You can take a few minutes to read this and keep remembering. You are enoughYou... Continue Reading →

Just Say Thank You

Have you ever noticed the difference between accepting a compliment versus giving one? Typically, when we give compliments to others, we mean them. However, when we receive a compliment, we are quick to minimize it or quick to question whether the praise is valid. For example, we might provide a backstory or mention that we... Continue Reading →

Manejo de obstáculos y superación de adversidades

Aprender a manejar los obstáculos, superar la adversidad y prosperar en la incertidumbre ayuda a desarrollar el carácter y la resiliencia. Cada desafío que enfrentamos con éxito en la vida sirve para fortalecer nuestra confianza. Entonces, la próxima vez que nos enfrentemos a desafíos, estaremos listos para vencerlos. ¿Qué significa manejar los obstáculos? A menudo... Continue Reading →

Managing Obstacles & Overcoming Adversity

Learning to manage obstacles, overcome adversity and thriving in uncertainty helps build character and resilience. Every challenge we successfully confront in life serves to strengthen our confidence. So next time when we are faced with challenges, we will be ready to conquer them. What does managing obstacles mean? We often can't control what happens to... Continue Reading →

How to Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Children of all ages are constantly learning. Their brains are literally hardwired for it! They are little sponges soaking in anything and everything about their environments. Early childhood and adolescence are critical stages in development for this very reason. Often times messages that children learn during these periods stick with them long into adulthood whether... Continue Reading →

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