It’s Not You, It’s Me

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that does not mean they are bad people. Sometimes we will meet people who are not good for us, but they aren't bad people. We have to remind ourselves that sometimes just because we love someone it does not make them good. For example, when we talk about family,... Continue Reading →

Common Couples Issues: Antidotes to The Four Horsemen

Common Couples Issues: Antidotes to The Four Horsemen A few weeks ago we reviewed Dr. John Gottman’s The Four Horsemen, which are faulty communication patterns common in relationships. If you’re recognizing these poor communication patterns and ready to combat them, it’s time to begin learning about their antidotes and how to apply them.  Let’s talk... Continue Reading →

Common Couples Issues: Faulty Communication Styles

Common Couples Issues: Faulty Communication Styles I was recently asked about frequent topics discussed in couples counseling, and without batting an eye my answer was The Four Horsemen. World renowned relationship therapist and researcher, Dr. John Gottman uses the title “The Four Horsemen” to describe the four communication styles that can be detrimental for couples.... Continue Reading →

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