Children’s Novel Series: Diversity Ninja

In another book in our children’s novel series, we look at the Diversity Ninja by Mary Nhin. The last book we talked about was The Inclusive Ninja, that book took a look at including others and making sure no one is left out.

About the Author

Mary Nhin has a whole series of books, all involving a ninja. Some of the books title in her series are. The Patient Ninja, Focused Ninja, Inclusive Ninja, Funny Ninja, and many more. She dedicated this book and all of her other books to her children Mikey, Kobe, and Jojo. Her books look at issue we face today as well as everyday situations that children face

About the Book

The book starts off with the Inclusive Ninja and the Diversity Ninja telling jokes and being best friends. They talk about how they would do everything together, from playing sports, to watching TV shows and movies, and how they have the same favorite color. But then after lunch when all the ninjas are playing outside they pick teams and everyone is picked except the Diversity Ninja. No one likes the Diversity Ninja because of his skin color. Even though the other ninjas do not realize it, it hurts Diversity Ninja’s feelings. The other ninjas think that since his skin color is different he is not as good as they are. This is called racism. Racism is the belief that a particular skin color is better than another. Inclusive Ninja sticks up for Diversity Ninja and he decides to go play somewhere else with Diversity Ninja. During class they have to do a project and since it is rainbow day they need to write a story that includes the rainbow. Inclusive, Hangry and Diversity Ninja do their presentation on how everyone is the same no matter their skin color. On the outside we are different but we are all the same deep down. Some people speak a different language, and some use hands to speak, even though we are all different we are all still the same deep down. The best weapon against racism is to practice diversity and inclusion.

Relation to Today’s World

Society is filled with so many people of different races, ages, ethnicities, disabilities, etc. We are still seeing racism and how it effects people on a daily basis. One thing the book said well was that the best weapon against racism is to practice diversity and inclusion. If we can practice and teach kids at a young age that even though people might look, speak and do things differently they are the same deep down. We should not judge others for the way they look. If we show in TV shows and movies, as well as the news that being different is okay then it will help teach our youth that it is ok to be different and we do not need to judge others based on what they look like.

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Masters Level Graduate Intern

Nhin, M., & Stupar, J. (2020). Inclusive Ninja. Place of publication not identified: Grow Grit Press.

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