I’ve noticed several celebrity engagements occurring in the news lately.  After dating for several weeks, these couples become engaged to be married.  There is a possibility that it is a result of copy catting a trend advertised in the media.  It can also be the result of impulsivity, or the tendency to act on a whim.  Further aspects of this word include:  displaying behavior characterized by little or not thought, reflection, or consideration of the consequences.  Besides relationships, where else can impulsive behaviors occur?  Have you ever experienced an impulse buy?  Shopping can be a spur of the moment action that results in unplanned purchases.  Impulsivity can be seen in those struggling with addiction to substances or gambling.  The act of using the substance without much thought, impulsivity becomes automatic.

The more I think about this, the more I realize how our society plays a part in this.  We live in a world of instant gratification and the need for immediate results.  Notice the commercials that run on television.  Diet advertisements, fast quote insurance companies, speedy internet services, and jiffy car procedures all offer immediate results.  Today, it is rare to have to wait for anything.  Shipping of online purchase can occur over night if not the same day, so why wait for love?  Rushing the process of most things we go through can only make our heads spin when we realize down the road that the relationship isn’t right, regret sets in after viewing the bank account, or maybe we shouldn’t have settled for that quick fix for a long-term problem.

It is so important to pause, think, and reflect before making any type of commitment regardless of the type.  Impulsivity has a way of providing an instant result that may have a negative impact on your life.

-Ashley Fazekas

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