Fear of Change

I have often heard it said that people do not like change.  Does that include even the good change?  How often have you started a new job, and the initial few weeks are filled with anxiety?  That change includes several changes along with it!  New people, a new boss, a new work flow, a new environment.  Change, change, change, change!  Have you ever attempted to make a change for the better, and the better was scary?  Sometimes just the thought of altering something in life can be daunting.  Fear can be debilitating.  It can stop one in their tracks, freezing them from moving forward.  I witness how challenging it is to make changes in the clients that I work with.  These brave individuals come in willingly to get guidance on making their changes happen.  It takes guts to walk through the therapeutic journey, and courage to apply what is done in the room to life.  There is darkness before the dawn, and I am grateful to say that I witness the light.  Each client I walk with is on their own path of change, and in their own distinct shade of light.  Change inspires fear because in the newness there is so much unknown.  Being alone during your own process is an option, but it is not the only one.  A therapist is a great person to walk with you through your journey.  Whether you are in a dark place or even basking in great light, we at Olive Branch Counseling Associates Inc. can assist you on your way.  Please call us for an appointment at 708-633-8000.  We look forward to helping you brighten up your life!

-Ashley Fazekas

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