Finding the Grey

Often times we go about life in the same routine. Day in and day out, life can be predictable. From when it’s time to wake up and arrive at work, to when it’s time to make the weekly yoga class, life is a structured schedule. Have you ever experienced an unexpected glitch in your well-made plans? We all have! Do you find yourself being angry because things aren’t going as you planned them? Are you struggling to control life situations in order to maintain the routine? Do you just give up and avoid how life is turning out? I view this as very black and white thinking. Either life goes well, or it goes bad. Have you considered the grey in between? When operating with black and white thinking, one is inflexible with their viewpoint. This inflexibility can cause anxiety, depression, and stress as a result of living in such strong rigidity. I have news for you. We can learn to live in the grey. We can become flexible, finding ourselves rolling along with the unpredictability. It may be uncomfortable at first to acquire this type of attitude, but in time it will become an easier way of living. When we live in the grey, more options become present. No longer thinking on the lines of all or nothing, we now have the ability to see additional opportunities regardless of the situation. If the anxiety of living in self-induced rigidity is impacting your mental well-being, it may be time to consider seeing a therapist. The insight provided from a therapist comes as an outside view point from an unbiased observer. A trained professional can help you let go of your black and white thinking, guiding you to the grey. Please call Olive Branch Counseling Associates Inc., 708-633-8000. It would be our pleasure to help you become more flexible in your response to life, thus alleviating the stress induced by rigid living.

Ashley Fazekas

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