Holidays and Grief

The holidays are soon approaching which can mean lots of stress on many people. Stress from decking the halls and getting ready for family visitors to stress from dealing with the holidays emotionally. For some people, the holidays can be a struggle, especially when they have lost someone so dear to them. After a family loss, your emotions are so out of control that the least thing in mind is the holidays or having any holiday spirit. One thing I have learned from grief during the holidays is not to force myself to activities I am not emotionally prepared for. It is okay to say no to certain activities and events if you do not feel comfortable with them. Making sure your family and friends are aware of how you are feeling is very important. Having open communication gives understanding to others on how you’re feeling. Something that helped me during my grief was to honor my son while our Christmas getaway to Wisconsin Dells. We all wore similar pajamas, and having one for our son there by his picture was helpful for us. He also had his own stocking with gifts. It is the little things that make a huge impact in making you feel a little better. Always remember to pace yourself and if you are not ready, you are not ready. And that is OK.
Marla Cardenas

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