Life Transitions

Life is always changing. Right now we are on the cusp of a season change. Although the weather still feels like summer, signs of fall are right around the corner witnessed in every array of leaf color. With every ticking of the clock, time is taking on a new second, furthering the day towards a new dawn. Human beings are in a constant process of alteration on a daily basis. Some of these are so normal, they tend to be ignored.

What happens when life transitions occur on a larger level? After forty years of employment, a teacher retires from a life long career centered on educating others, and is now left with nothing but time on her hands. A woman once independently single becomes part of a marriage, sharing a life that is no longer completely her own. At the tender age of ten, a child loses his mother to a death he cannot comprehend, forever impacting his life. New experiences have the ability to introduce pain, fear, happiness, and joy. As a result, a person may endure stress, anxiety, fear, or a heightened level of excitement.

No matter what the change, each person will go through the aftermath in a way unique to him or her. Sometimes a little extra support becomes necessary. What does this look like? Some may seek the comfort of community support, others may find solace within their family, and others may reach out to a therapist. We at Olive Branch Counseling Associates, Inc. would be happy to offer an empathetic ear. Our staff consists of many trained, licensed, and intern counselors. Walking through your changes with a therapist can make things a little easier. Feel free to contact us for an appointment at (708) 633-8000. Just as life is unique to all of us, the comfort we seek tends to meet the needs of that uniqueness. Transitions are constantly occurring, influencing us to be ever evolving.


-Ashley Fazekas

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