A Day in the Life of an Olive Branch Intern

Hi! My name is Marram and I am currently in my last semester of college and will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I always think that it is such a bitter-sweet feeling in knowing that I am coming close to an end of receiving my degree when the last task is to secure an internship and finally jump into the “real world.” Thankfully, I was able to begin my undergraduate internship at Olive Branch Counseling Associates.

As I am beginning my second week here at Olive Branch, I have taken part in a few internship tasks and have already started to learn so much. Just like most professions, I began my first day with an orientation session, along with my fellow interns. During orientation, there was a lot of information on expectations and certain things I will need to take part in as an intern. After I left that session I felt ready and excited to begin any task and start my internship journey.

During this internship, I will get to partake in play therapy at a daycare with children twice a week and I will also be taking part in group supervisions on Wednesdays with Louella, two other interns, and a few therapists. Also, during my internship thus far I have been doing office work and assisting any of the therapists with whatever they may need. Throughout supervisions we all get to discuss with each other any questions, concerns, or updates about clients we work with. A very important aspect during these supervisions and play therapy sessions with the children is that we are respecting the privacy of clients. Confidentiality plays a big role at OBCA to ensure that all of our client’s health and personal information is being protected. Staying professional and honoring client confidentiality is key while working at OBCA.

My first supervision was very eye opening and informative because I was able to hear other therapists discuss their concerns and it was great that a lot of feedback was circling around the room. This is a great way for all of us to share our knowledge and thoughts so that we are not only helping each other out, but seeking ways to help our clients. Even though I have just begun my internship here at Olive Branch, I know it will be an insightful and wonderful experience and I cannot wait to learn more.


-Marram Salman

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