Do You Trust Yourself?

The idea that you can only love another person until you love yourself is expressed frequently. And while loving yourself is truly valuable, the language used around it is often limiting. The fact of the matter is that self-love is not an easy deed. A person may even wonder, what is self-love? What does it... Continue Reading →


It is critically important during these times to stay close in our relationships with our loved ones. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, isolation and loneliness bears a strong burden on individuals because of the lack of contact and communication. Most healthy relationships rely on sources of strength linked to shared similarities, friendships, individuality,... Continue Reading →


No matter how long a client has come in for therapy, an attachment forms between client and counselor.  The therapeutic alliance is full of meaning.  Creating a safe space for clients to share their pain, shame, disappointments, and milestones, a secure relationship is experienced.  Sometimes, a counselor has to leave the relationship for a variety... Continue Reading →

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