A Review of The Power of Two

Welcome back to my review of The Power of Two by Susan Heitler. In our last post we covered the fourth basic of communicating, no polluting. We discussed and defined tact and how to utilize it within your communication with your partner. Today we will be diving into the fifth basic of collaborative dialogue, listen to... Continue Reading →

May is Mental Health Month!

What is mental health month about? Hello everyone! Welcome to May, the month that celebrates Mental Health Awareness! Recognized in 1949 as the first official Mental Health Awareness Month, organizations such as Mental Health America have strived to provide bountiful resources and information to the community. This month is about bringing to light the information... Continue Reading →

Coping in Times of Uncertainty

COVID-19 is a time of the utmost uncertainty, as we live through the “unknown unknown” according to NAMI (2020). As the conversations continue and media puts forth a lot of information the anxiety and stress related to COVID-19 rises. This impacts not only the 1 in 5 people who have a mental health condition, but... Continue Reading →

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