Not Easy

Truly healing from something requires time. Whenever we have to make hard decisions, whenever we need to quit something, we must remember that there is no easy way to do hard things. It can be hard at times to remember or even try to accept that life can be hard at times, so we may... Continue Reading →

The Brain and Trauma

Our brain is shaped in three primary ways: temperament (inborn basic personality traits), genetics, and experience. Experiences of trauma, especially chronic childhood trauma, impacts how the brain develops and responds to threat in a number of ways. Our brain’s primary job is survival, and a brain that’s been through trauma is hypersensitive to threat. When... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Wait

How do you handle waiting? And how does waiting contribute to your overall mood or feelings? What makes waiting so uncomfortable? Here are just a few examples of things we all dislike waiting for: waiting to hear about a job you applied for and really want, waiting for someone to text you back after you... Continue Reading →


Life gets busy, we get so caught up, we forget things and we all need reminders at some point. Let this blog be a reminder. Let’s stop what you are doing, what you are thinking, and all the negative talk. You can take a few minutes to read this and keep remembering. You are enoughYou... Continue Reading →

Things That Hurt Us

Let's reflect on this, why do we get hurt with certain things? Well, we get hurt depending on our perspective of the situation. The main point here is that we transform how we think about the situation. Let's explore some scenarios in which we might feel hurt, when others are involved: Someone did or said... Continue Reading →

Using Our Words

Communication can be difficult at times, especially when we are upset about something. Using  “I” statements may allow us to work through disagreements in a way that allows everyone to express their own opinion and feelings. The “I” statement forces us to take responsibility for what we are thinking and feeling and stops us from... Continue Reading →


I recently wrote a blog about growing up and how our circle of friends tends to get smaller as the years pass. It's just part of our nature, we outgrow things our entire life. We change, we will not always be the same person. It's normal to change and to be a different version of... Continue Reading →

Building Emotional Awareness

Recognizing and naming our emotions can be tough. Sometimes we are so busy we rarely notice our feelings. Other times, our emotions can be so intense that we don’t even take a moment to recognize them before we react to them. Maybe you grew up in a family where you didn’t talk about your feelings,... Continue Reading →

Stop and Grow

As we grow older, we want to better ourselves, we want to do what is best for us and not for others. We have to understand that we can’t please everyone and take care of ourselves. If we really want to grow then we need to pause and reflect on life and how we are... Continue Reading →

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