Stress-symptomen-en-oorzaken-300x300Stress in relation to mental wellbeing can be defined as strain or pressure. This type of tension can result from work, family, relationships, school, etc. Maybe you are feeling stressed out from all of the above! When stress becomes out of control, the side effects can be seen emotionally and physically. Emotionally there might be a challenge with experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, or loving feelings. The stress has the potential to be debilitating, causing one to avoid people, places, or situations that will heighten the level of stress. Often times, sleep will be compromised too. Life can enhance the amount of stress one experiences, causing the mind to not turn off. That stinking thinking gets in the way of getting some quality sleep and before you know it, you’re tired all the time. As a result, you’re so fatigued the stress is making you tired. An additional side effect of stress is difficulty concentrating. Just like getting in the way of sleep, stress has a way of getting into your mind, and taking all of your focus away from important tasks. We can become so stressed out, what is causing the stress is all we think about.
The mind is not the only part of us that reacts to stress, the body does too. Physical symptoms of stress include headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, and trouble sleeping. How one deals with their tension can also contribute to physical issues. If a person manages their stress by abusing alcohol or drugs, the body becomes even more stressed since it has to work harder when these substances are introduced to it.
How can stress be handled? Manage it! There are several outlets that promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Schedule a time-out for yourself. If that idea seems stressful, put it into perspective. There are 24 hours in a day, can you take a few minutes for yourself? Go for a walk, try a yoga class, engage in meditation using an app on your phone, talk to a supportive person in your life. If that’s not enough, make an appointment for counseling. Grant yourself 1 hour of the 24 that we get each day and get a little you time. Give Olive Branch Counseling Associates Inc., a call at 708-633-8000. We would love to help you de-stress your mind, and help you find ways to manage whatever stress comes your way. Call us, your hour awaits!

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