Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is upon us! Trees are starting to develop buds, and the tulips are beginning to burst forth from the once frozen ground. During this season, many are inspired to perform a thorough house cleaning. A certain freshness is desired. Opening the windows to allow spring air into the once closed up house from the winter, the home endures a rejuvenation process.

Spring time is a season of refreshment and rebirth. The evidence is in the robin’s nest, full of bright blue eggs. It is also in the goslings, following their mother’s search for nourishment.

A metaphorical rebirth can occur during this time for us as well. Do you need to spring clean your mind and spirit? Now is a lovely time to take a look at any unresolved issues that are holding you back from your own potential to grow.

Is your mind so cluttered that your experiencing trouble sleeping? Spring clean your mind! Sometimes its daunting to even know where to begin with this process. There are many options, and it is possible. Maybe it looks like scheduling some quiet time for yourself. Guided meditation using an app on your phone can help not only with how to meditate, but it can also provide a reasonable time frame for you to engage in it. Another option can be taking a yoga class. This is another way to have some peaceful time for you to let the worries that clutter your mind be at rest for a moment. The spring weather brings with it warmer temperatures. Getting out into nature, enjoying the elements can promote mental health and wellbeing while being present in the experience.

It is possible that some help doing your mental spring cleaning can come from that of a therapist. Just starting this process can be overwhelming. We at Olive Branch Counseling Associates Inc. would be honored to help you start your own personal growth. Please feel free to give us a call at 708-633-8000 so we can assist you in DE-cluttering your mind and spring cleaning your life!

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