Cloe Madanes


In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to share about someone who greatly contributed to the psychology field. Cloe Madanes is a woman who helped develop the strategic intervention field and a well-known contemporary psychotherapist. She is an Argentina native, born in Buenos Aires in 1945. There, she studied psychology and became licensed in 1965. In 1976, she and her ex-husband founded the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C. Cloe Madanes has been recognized throughout her career. In 1996, she received the Egner Foundation Award for her Distinguished Contributions to the fields of psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. She also received the California Psychology Association 2000 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology and in 2005 she was given an award for advocating in children’s behalf by the mayor of San Francisco.
Cloe Madanes has also established the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. Her and, motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins combine psychology and social science to design interventions to aide in solving conflicts of their client’s professional and private lives. These strategic interventions are made to address the entire family’s needs, as well as for communities or businesses. This center also offers training materials that mental health professionals can do that are based on her developed methods. She and her colleague use several different methods for their interventions, like Ericksonoain therapy, negotiation, family therapy, conflict resolution, life-cycle theory, as well as meditation. She offers more information about her strategies in her books. Cloe Madanes has become widely recognized for all her contributions to the psychological field.

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