The Pressures of the World


Life can be tough. Dealing with the trials and tribulations of life within my own bubble can sometimes in itself be enough. When I turn on the television that bubble becomes bigger and the pressure inside greater. Not only do I have my own stuff to carry, but now I feel a deeper pain for the world we live in. The headlines are daunting. Shootings here, innocent lives taken there, hatred here, deeper hatred over there. It seems never ending, and it can really weigh on a person. Maybe you share this experience with me. The pressures of today’s world can enhance a person’s chance of developing anxiety, depression, and/or panic. We are becoming programmed to live in a world of new normal such as shootings in places like schools, movie theaters, and the highways. While this is an ever-present danger, how much of it effects the mental well-being of our children, our neighbors, and ourselves? Sometimes I commit to what I call a period of disconnecting. During this time, I unplug from television and other forms of media. I take a break, inhaling the silence, and exhaling the pressure of the world. It is very helpful in clearing the mind and recharging the soul. What if that isn’t enough? A disconnect may not be effective in minimizing anxiety or panic. Is it possible that there is a greater need for managing such side effects of life? Here is where a counselor comes in. Just talking to someone can provide such a relief. It is in the peace of a quiet office that one can catch their breath in partnership with their therapist. I view the therapist office like a tiny bubble of comfort, detached from the world of chaos. One of the greatest gifts of counseling is, you can take the solace of it into the world with you when you leave your session. It is an internal comfort which makes the external world we live in a little bit more manageable. Please call us at Olive Branch Counseling Associates Inc. at 708-633-8000 to schedule an appointment today. Your solitude awaits.


Ashley Fazekas

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