Stand Up For Yourself

Teaching our children to stand up for themselves can be difficult. As parents, we want to protect our kids and shield them from hurt and harm. However, learning resiliency and self-advocacy is a skill they will take into adulthood. We will not always be with them to protect them, and giving them skills to employ... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Giving

Have you ever received a loaf of homemade bread? Have you ever given one to a friend, neighbor, or someone who looked like they needed some kindness? Giving gifts is one of the love languages Dr. Gary Chapman discusses in his book, The Five Love Languages. Giving a gift communicates care and concern for the... Continue Reading →

Be Curious

You may have heard the words, “Quit being so defensive!” Hearing this statement can feel challenging because you may not even see an error in the way you responded. You may also have been responding in this way most of your life. Defensiveness is not a character flaw; rather, it ought to be looked at... Continue Reading →

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