Stress, Families, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

For a little over a year, all of us have had to adjust our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This once in a lifetime collective trauma has impacted everyone, especially those with families and young children. As kids lost school, activities, and connections that helped them grow, parents had to take on work, childcare,... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Two Homes

Christmas is about family time, which means it is normal for you to want to spend it with your child. However, when there has been a divorce/ separation it becomes difficult to enjoy this time of the year. You and your ex will want to spend this special time with your child, so who gets... Continue Reading →

Navidad en dos hogares

La Navidad se trata de tiempo en familia, lo que significa que es normal que quiera pasarla con su hijo. Sin embargo, cuando ha habido un divorcio / separación se vuelve difícil disfrutar de esta época del año. Usted y su ex querrán pasar este momento especial con su hijo, entonces, ¿quién puede hacerlo? Trate... Continue Reading →

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