The Brain and Trauma

Our brain is shaped in three primary ways: temperament (inborn basic personality traits), genetics, and experience. Experiences of trauma, especially chronic childhood trauma, impacts how the brain develops and responds to threat in a number of ways. Our brain’s primary job is survival, and a brain that’s been through trauma is hypersensitive to threat. When... Continue Reading →

Trauma infantil

¿Qué es el trauma infantil? El trauma infantil es cuando algo aterrador, violento, peligroso o que amenaza la vida le sucede a un niño entre la edad de 0 a 18 años. El trauma infantil le puede pasar a cualquiera en cualquier momento. Es importante tener en cuenta que el trauma no tiene por qué... Continue Reading →

Childhood Trauma

What is childhood trauma? Childhood trauma is when something scary, violent, dangerous, or life threatening happens to a child between the age of 0 to 18 years old. Childhood trauma can happen to any child, at any time. It is important to note that trauma doesn't have to occur directly to the child, watching someone... Continue Reading →

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