Complementary and Alternative Medicines

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) are widely used across the world as a compliment to conventional treatments in the mental health field. CAMs can range from individual practices such as meditation and prayer to massage, acupuncture, and dance therapy. Some of these require a trained professional’s guidance, but there are so many options that can... Continue Reading →

Honoring Patrisse Cullors

February is Black History Month, where as a country we celebrate, recognize, and educate ourselves on the events and achievements within the African-American community. From grassroots organizing and political activism to artistic accolades and educational awards, there are a huge number of individuals and communities to be honored. Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder and Executive Director of... Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Love

As February is known as the month of love, there is not better chance than to talk about it now! Within psychology, there are many theories and different understandings of how love works within the brain and within one’s behavior. A particularly interesting theory is that of psychologist Robert Sternberg, entitled Triangular Theory of Love:... Continue Reading →

Mes Nacional de Prevención de Cáncer

¿Cuándo es el Mes Nacional de Prevención de Cáncer? Febrero es el Mes Nacional de Prevención de Cáncer. Según la Fundación Nacional para la Investigación del Cáncer, hay 1,7 millones de nuevos casos de cáncer diagnosticados por año en los Estados Unidos. ¿Qué es el cáncer? Según los Centros para el Control y la Prevención... Continue Reading →

National Cancer Prevention Month

When is National Cancer Prevention Month? February is National Cancer Prevention Month. According to the National Foundation For Cancer Research, there are 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed per year in the United States. What is Cancer? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer is a term used for diseases in... Continue Reading →

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

What is Teen Dating Violence? February is dedicated to bringing awareness to Teen Dating Violence, which is an issue that impacts everyone in the circle of the teen. Dating violence is more common than we think. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 11 female and 1 in 15 male high... Continue Reading →

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