Sleep and Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be defined in many ways, but a simple way to define it might be intentionally leaning into the present moment and engaging your senses in a way that grounds you. Leaning into this moment creates awareness, connection, and acceptance. The practice of mindfulness is often helpful for anxiety, depression, and many other challenges... Continue Reading →

Making Space for Possibilities

Many of us are hyper-focused on what others think. It often dictates how we behave, how we respond, and how we feel. With all this focus on external factors, are you making room for the possibility that people are not judging, critiquing, or thinking about you as much as you think they are? Are you... Continue Reading →

People-Pleasing & Boundaries

As humans, many of us want to help others. If you are being honest with yourself, it not only makes the other person feel good, but it also probably makes you feel good. Helping and caring for others is completely essential- it brings light and love into the world. However, when someone constantly prioritizes the... Continue Reading →

Dessert Truffles and Stress Relief

A 2019 interdisciplinary research study looked at baking as a potential form of art therapy and measured its impacts on stress and anxiety in adults. Anxiety was measured via the State Trait Anxiety Inventory, and the study showed that self-reported anxiety levels substantially reduced after baking. Baking allows a person to connect with both creativity... Continue Reading →

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a psychological theory that believes all of us are inhabited by different mental parts of ourselves. For instance—we may not act or feel the same at work as we do when we are at home. While we don’t change who we are, different parts of ourselves come out at different... Continue Reading →

Gender Affirming Care

Providing gender-affirming care is so important to the transgender community. This may include a different journey for each person, but any health-care professional must be engaged in the work to make true allyship possible. Being an ally to the transgender community involves being a consistent, trusted, and accountable presence to the trans clients we serve,... Continue Reading →

Gaslighting: What is it really?

As mental health care becomes more accepted and accessible, discussions about topics such as abuse, mental illness, or anger management seem to increase as well. This is a good sign culturally, as it shows stigma is breaking down. However, we need to be clear on some terminology used in everyday life. Otherwise, we may label... Continue Reading →

What Makes You Feel Worthy?

We have all heard of and seen a cow- whether we saw it in a photo or at the zoo. However, many of us have not discussed cows in the context of mental health. Carl Rogers, a psychologist who used a humanistic approach to therapy, developed the concept of conditions of worth, also abbreviated as... Continue Reading →

Hot Cocoa is Good For Your Brain

Could eating chocolate be beneficial for you? Say no more; right? There have been various studies indicating the benefits of specifically, dark chocolate consumption. Flavanols, which are found in dark chocolate and cocoa, may promote human brain function on a longer-term scale. Flavanols are a form of flavonoids, which are plant-based substances that have both... Continue Reading →

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