The Gift of Giving

Have you ever received a loaf of homemade bread? Have you ever given one to a friend, neighbor, or someone who looked like they needed some kindness? Giving gifts is one of the love languages Dr. Gary Chapman discusses in his book, The Five Love Languages. Giving a gift communicates care and concern for the... Continue Reading →

Treating Social Anxiety Disorder

In a previous blog, I discussed the nature, prevalence, signs and complexities of social anxiety. I urged readers to seek help for the disorder as soon as possible to prevent future complications. In this visit, I will discuss recommended treatments for social anxiety. Since the prevenance of anxiety is so high in various aspects of... Continue Reading →

You are not alone in feeling lonely

“I’m lonely,” a woman told me. She describes how she longs for meaningful friendships but doesn’t know how to make those happen. With tears, she explains how she looks around, and it seems everyone has someone but her. She feels desperate and is void of any hope that things will change. She says she knows... Continue Reading →

More about Harm Reduction

In a previous blog, I offered to follow-up with more discussion on harm reduction approaches to drug and alcohol use. In the original blog, I cited Erickson (2018:189) saying, “Harm reduction, also known as harm minimization, is a strategy for reducing harm to drug users and the people close to them, in cases where complete... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Sharing Stories

I spent much of my day yesterday watching the Queen's funeral. I was impressed by all of the pomp and circumstance. No one does pomp and circumstance better than the British! The day was filled with formalities, marching bands, processions, and symbolism. Along with all of the media coverage, I've also enjoyed reading all the... Continue Reading →

The Wellness Wheel

The wellness wheel is a model of eight parts that make up a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. It is a visual reminder that our lives are made up of many facets and that each one is important and should be recognized. If we are out of balance in one area, that will affect other areas... Continue Reading →

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